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Physical and Mental

                                 Physical Benefits of Yoga                                        

  • Systematically relieves muscular tension (caused by stress) throughout the body
  • Improves posture, range of motion and balance
  • Restores joint mobility and flexibility
  • Strengthens muscles 
  • Increases lung capacity and respiratory health
  • Develops core strength, decreasing back pain
  • Pressure on the glandular system of the  body stimulates  and increases the efficiency of how the body works

Yoga For BACK Pain

In numerous studies yoga has been proven helpful in reducing back pain. It is not only the physical part of the practice that helps in pain reduction, but also the connection we feel to our bodies and the relaxation experienced during our yoga practice

Yoga works at reducing pain because it is so effective in dealing with stress. Enduring pain keeps your body's stress response system stuck in the "on" position. When you're stressed out, you breathe more quickly and erratically. Muscles tense -  mood plummets. All making pain worse. Yoga, starting with simple breathing exercises, can reliably shift the body from the flight-or-fight stress reaction to relaxation.  Postures are then done that safely stretch and strengthen back and core muscles.

                                                       Mental Benefits of Yoga

  • Releases anxiety -  discharges frenetic energy, while infusing  power and abundance
  • Instills positive energy
  • Assists in relieving mental and psychological stress
  • Improves concentration,  mental clarity and function
  • Helps cultivate peace and equanimity within

Yoga teaches us how to slow down and choose how we react to situations, as opposed to mindlessly reacting.  

This feeling spills over into our daily lives and we discover our personal power.                       


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