Class Descriptions

Classes taught in a gentle and accepting atmosphere
We listen to our bodies, and honor them by doing only what we are able on any given day.  

All classes benefit students by:
  • physically   -  improving body awareness, increasing flexibility and strength, reducing aches and pains 
  • mentally / emotionally - reducing stress by releasing tension and anxiety from our bodies, reducing depression, and improving our self confidence through empowering postures.                                                                               
  • An improved sense of well-being and feeling revitalized is the result of our yoga practice 

Monday Evening 6:45 pm  - Relaxing class at end of the day. Gentle movements work out the kinks and stiffness in our bodies resulting from a full day of living - be it a sedentary day or an active day.

Cancer and Hear Disease- Holley has a specialized 100 hour training specifically for these patients. Vital to keeping the immune system strong, stress lowered, and positivity flowing, yoga and deep relaxation are a must for this population. A compassionate and safe environment. This is an on-going class taught for cancer patients and their care-givers at Hematology-Oncology Associates on Fridays at 11:00 am.

 Pre-Natal Yoga - Gentle movements and postures  to strengthen and prepare our beautifully changing bodies for birth. Feel the connection with your baby as you stretch and relax, taking the time to deepen that bond. We  end class in a comfortable, supported pose (lots of pillows and blankets) with a warm lavender scented wash cloth to use if we wish. Quite blissful! 

Seniors Yoga- Modifications and props are used in this class to safely and effectively allow older bodies to attain yoga postures and to move freely.Weight bearing activities that challenge the arms, upper body, lower bodylegs and feet are offered, as well as quieter exercises focusing on joint  mobility of the arms, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

Teen Yoga
Special class designed specifically to address the particular needs of teens.
(see sidebar  "Special populations: Teens"). 

Chair Yoga
Chair yoga is wonderful for anyone but especially helpful for  seniors, larger person, or those with disabilities. If 
you are recovering from any type of injury chair yoga is the perfect solution to keeping joints and muscles moving -  maintaining, stretching, and strengthening your body as you recover.
A chair is used for seated exercises and as a support for the standing postures.  You need to keep moving to prevent  stiff muscles and achy joints . Muscles and joints were designed to move  and yoga will do just that, get you moving again in a gentle stress-free way. As they say, you have to “move it or lose it!”  
(Dragonfly 10:34 Tuesday and Thursday, 

Partner Yoga:  Parent & Child,  Husband & Wife, Family
Reconnect with your child or spouse in a fun yet meaningful way. Or bring the whole family in as we flow in playful movements and postures. Yoga is about connection (so important in this culture where so many of us are  seperated as we use our computers and cell phones- minimizing that eye to eye contact and engagement). Come connect with a loved one in this rejuvenating and feel good class!

Private Classes
* Private classes are available by appointment. 
* Small group classes ( for example, getting a group of friends together to try a class) are also available.
* In Home or off site classes also available  (such as at your school or office)

Classes are often added, so please contact me at 540-899-8979 or


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