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Yoga Breathing

In yoga we breathe through the nose. Our bellys rise with deep, full inhales, and soften down with complete slow exhales. Why do we breathe in this slow and purposeful way?
  • Relaxes the body, allowing stress to melt away as tense muscles unfurl
  • Centers us, quieting the mental chatter in our heads
  • Improves concentration and mental clarity
  • Allows us to find a steady rythm with flowing movements
  • Increases strength of abdominal muscles and diaphragm 
  • Greater joint mobility within ribcage and spine as  lungs expand  
  • Resting heart rate (pulse) decreased with greater supply of oxygen the blood is carrying to the body
  •  Assists in developing and maintaining a centered, positive attitude.
Nose breathing affects the nervous system differently than mouth breathing:
  • slower, deeper breathing improves concentration and stamina. 
  • keeps warmth inside the body more efficiently than mouth breathing.
  • keeps the sinuses open, moist and healthly
Emphasizing breath during challenging poses establish a sense of power and control. The breath during a pose will determine the body's ability to deepen into a stretch, gather endurance to maintain a contraction, allow balance to occur, and to mentally focus during the work.

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