12 Step Recovery

                             Yoga and Recovery from Addiction

Yoga complements recovery from addictions - it's a self-constructive rather than a self-destructive behavior.
  • Physically, yoga teaches one to take care of our bodies that have been abused, and release stress that can lead to addictive behavior. 
  • Emotionally yoga increases self-worth and self-esteem by teaching addicts to feel comfortable in their own skin, as well as using positive affirmations. 
  • Spiritually, yoga fosters a connection to one's inner spirit, or even a higher power, which leads to increased courage, hope and trust.

Yoga Helps Addicts - be it an addiction to alcohol / drugs, food or even co-dependency -  to HEAL.  
  • Addicts are uncomfortable in their own skin vs yoga which helps them find that comfortability and ease
  • Addictions cause separation from ourselves and others vs yoga which brings connection to ourselves and others.
  • Addictions cause anxiety and depression vs yoga which fosters calm and  positive feelings
  • Addictions create shame and low self-worth vs. yoga which brings healing and improved self-esteem

reccommended reading: Healing Addiction with Yoga: A Program for People in 12 Step Recovery, by Annalisea Cunningham

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