Cancer Patients

**  Holley has a specialized 100 hr training specifically for Cancer and Cardiac patients

(Holley is a 5 year survivor of leukemia)

The Stress-Disease Connection: How Yoga Can Help

Emotionally, Yoga offers cancer patients a way to reconnect with their bodies- a way to love them again, rather than  staying in the betrayal that is often felt.......

Receiving a disease diagnosis places a tremendous psychological and emotional weight on one’s shoulders. Science has shown that this physically impacts our immune function—compounding whatever condition we suffer from. The resulting anxiety can weaken the body’s ability to care for itself.

Yoga Can:

The American Cancer Society acknowledges that yoga for cancer can "reduce levels of stress and bring about feelings of relaxation and well-being...[and] enhance quality of life for cancer patients." By releasing tension and relaxing the body and mind, yoga  can revitalize immune function and restore the body’s ability to heal itself.


Yoga offers cancer patients and survivors, as well those suffering other serious conditions,a chance to go from a place of surviving to a place where they can once again begin to thrive.

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