A special class designed to address the needs of teens - teaching physical postures for a healthier body, as well as mental and emotional enrichment. I have been involved in teaching Caroline county high school students and I am truly in awe of these young people.

Classes held at Dragonfly Yoga Studio, Thursdays 5:30

Yoga For Teens will:

  • teach them how to become still and to quiet that never-ending chatter in their minds. Important skills to have because of the hectic lives they lead- school work and constant social pressures.

  • teach inward focus, concentrating on their breath and re-connecting with their essential selves - so necessary in their lives because of messages received from the media that in order to be of value one must look a certain way or have a certain phone, clothes, car, etc. Yoga let’s them know the truth that they are wonderful and worthwhile people just the way they are.

The physical part of teen yoga teaches them to connect with and value their bodies.

  • Valuable because of changes their bodies are gong thru and the uncomfortably associated with these changes.

  • The media fuels this disconnect (and discontent ) to their bodies - leading to possible eating disorders, shame, and self-judgment. Conversely, in yoga they are learning how to be “be comfortable in their own skin”. Having this experience at a young age is a huge gift.

  • More comfortable with yoga = more confident and empowered they begin to feel

I look to the Caroline County high school teens as an example of the power of yoga to transform how we feel . When the students entered class, they used one word to say how they felt: inevitably, answers ranged from stressed, anxious, angry, nervous, etc. After practicing yoga and quiet meditation, the question was asked again. The answers were now words like peaceful, calm, hopeful, content. That is the magic of yoga! Teaching our young students to release stress from their bodies physically, then giving them tools to become quiet and peaceful, and then actually express themselves verbally, honestly and non-judgmentally, is a prescription for well-adjusted, happier and smarter children. This, and more is what yoga gives them.