Yoga helps the hyperactive and attention-deficit child. 

These children crave  movement and sensory/motor stimulus. Yoga helps channel these impulses in a positive way. Poses help instill calm, confidence and balance. Partner poses help children bond, develop trust, and foster team skills.  Relaxation is also practiced through visualization and calming breathing practices.

Scientific studies show that children who practice yoga have enhanced:

- focus 

- concentration    

creativity,  and academic achievement . Yoga for students helps to develop what the medical profession has determined are the three key contributors to lifetime health and wellness:    Self-awareness,    Self-management and self-care , and  Stress reduction

Children today are under a lot of stress. Homework, pressure to compete with other children, endless after-school activities, over-scheduling, etc.  Yoga provides a non-competitive, safe, non-judgmental environment for self exploration and body awareness.  Yoga provides children with the opportunity to develop self compassion and empathy, which recent studies have proven decrease bullying and other aggressive behaviors. Yoga is a wonderful gift we can give our students so that they can better learn to cope, to build their self-worth, and to develop compassion - all resulting in happier lives!