In the Senior Yoga Class, each student’s physical abilities are taken into consideration. Some seniors sit in a chair , others use the wall, blocks, or bolsters as props.  All students are encouraged to  listen to their bodies because they know them the best and what they are able to do on any given day. If a pose or movement does not feel good then we either modify the pose or stop and rest .

Weight bearing activities that challenge the arms, legs and feet are offered. Exercises focusing on joint mobility of the shoulders, hips, knees are also offered.                        

Aging and the Benefits of Yoga                                  

Yoga can transform a negative approach to life with aging into a positive one. Yoga can help with the aging process.   Common "old age" ailments that a daily yoga practice will help keep at bay:

poor posture                            rounded shoulders      stiffness             

loss of mobility                        stress/tension                arthritis

osteoporosis                           heart condition              breathing problems

incontinence                            confusion                      memory loss                                 

foot pain                                    depression                 disc injuries

autoimmune conditions           weakness                    insomnia/fatigue

hypertension                            loss of balance            loss of muscle mass

indigestion                               spinal degeneration       fear of falling

anxiety                                       backaches                    menopause

 Yoga Improves your life in these areas:

Yoga slows the aging process and allows people to enjoy their bodies well into their golden years. Yoga moves  joints through their full range of motion. Spine health is a major focus in yoga - it's the nerve center of the body, and affects every system in the body. The older you are, the more you will benefit from a regular yoga regime. Older adults who attend regular yoga sessions report that  increased range of motion and strength have allowed them to again garden, climb stairs, dance, reach and bend, bicycle, and sit comfortably on the floor.